Why you should visit the Philippines

1). The Philippines is one of the largest island groups in the world with 7,107 islands. You will never run out of islands to visit with crystal clear waters, white sands, 30 degree heat and amazing activities and landscapes! Top spots we would recommend to check out include Palawan (2015 island of the year), Boracay, Apo Island, Oslob, Sumilon, Coron, Bohol and Siargao.


2). There is no language barrier. Over 90% of the population speaks english as they are taught it in school. Try and make an effort to learn some of their language too!


3). Alcohol is ridiculously cheap. I’m talking 60 peso for a double vodka (around 2 aussie dollars/£1 )


4). Filipinos are rated some of the top happiest citizens in the world! Despite being in a third world country and the immense poverty, Filipinos emulate happiness. They appreciate everything and as they are a very religious country, they are very grateful for everything they have.


5). Diving! The Philippines is one of the cheapest places to learn to do your diving courses and the best places to diver are: El Nido, Coron (famous for World War 2 shipwrecks on the sea floor), Apo reef, Monad Shoal (famous for the Thresher Shark dive) and Oslob (with the Whale sharks)


6). The weather! The Philippines is also full of sunshine and warmth too (and humidity) – with an average year round temperature of over 26 degrees! Be wary of the wet season June – October

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