Budgeting for the Philippines

Food (eating out):

300 – 500 peso a meal / 9 – 15 aud a meal

Food wise, expect to pay 500 peso for a meal in more city and tourist areas e.g. Manila, but in areas such as Dumaguete you will find they are a lot cheaper so 300 peso a meal. If you are eating traditional dishes then you will pay significantly less as opposed to eating a western meal.


Grocery shopping:

We found that if you try to replicate your lifestyle at home i.e. buy food you would eat at home/buy similar brands etc then you will pay more than usual, for example we tried to buy a tiny box of Special K cereal but it was 680 peso (20 aussie dollars!) The appliances you get at airbnb’s/hostels is limited as they generally don’t have ovens only microwaves and/or hobs. 


Activities (Oslob whale shark example) : 

Boat to Oslob (from Dumaguete) including terminal fee – 62 peso / 2 aud 

Tryke from Oslob port to whale shark watching area – 100 peso / 3 aud 

Diving with the Whale sharks – 1000 peso/ 30 aud 

Underwater photographer – 500 peso / 15 aud

Tryke from whale shark watching area to Oslon port- 100 peso / 3 aud 

Total : 1762 peso / 51 aud 


Public transport:

The more touristy the area the more clued up the Filippinos are and can charge a higher amount. In places more remote with less tourists you pay less for trykes and taxis. Overall, the Philippines is seriously cheap when you compare travel in London to what you pay in the Philippines. You can get a taxi, jeepney, tryke

Example – a 15 minute tryke ride in Dumaguete is 20 peso whereas in Manila it would be 70 peso



Flight prices always vary but a tip is to use Cebu Pacific and look for promo deals as they usually have these. Also when travelling to Boracay you can alternatively travel to Kalibo airport which is 2 hours away and the airline tickets are significantly cheaper.

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