From Dumaguete, we got a boat to Siquijor. The journey is about 1hr30 so it is best to leave early so you get a longer day at Siquijor! 


Go to Salaagdoong Beach Resort where there is a diving platform you can jump off into the clear blue waters. Their highest diving platform is 20 ft high which we both jumped off. It’s amazing and definitely worth doing but beware of a bad headache after and water spilling from your nose. Alternatively there is a platform not as high up and also a slide!

Go to Lugnason Falls (above) for another diving platform and a waterfall! 
We only spent a day on Siquijor island so we were limited to what we could do and see. We definitely recommend renting a bike and riding around the whole island so you can see all the landscape and take it all in. As soon as you get off the boat you will be greeted by trykes and people selling/renting motorbikes so it should be easy to arrange transport.
Image (1) 

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