Oslob & Sumilon Islands



We got a boat to Oslob from Dumaguete which took about 15 minutes away. When you arrive at Oslob you will be greeted by a swarm of men offering you tryke rides. We got offered a ‘pick up and return’ service where the tryke will take you to the whale sharks, wait for you to swim with the whale sharks and then take you back so the port so you can get a boat back to your destination. Unfortunately, we got ripped off so I wouldn’t recommend this! Trykes can charge you whatever you like and if they say a price then you have no choice but to pay. I would just pay for your trykes separately.

It is best to get to Oslob early for the whale shark diving! We got there for the 6.30 am slot so it was less busy and crowded. You get taken out by boat to the whale sharks (You get wet on the boat so don’t bring valuables). You also get a locker at the whale shark observation point so you can put your valuables in there! We sat through a briefing where we were instructed how to approach the animals, rules and regulations etc and then quickly shown our life jackets and put on a boat. We’ve heard of many people complaining about the smell, as you are swimming in the whale sharks food as they are being fed, but to be honest once you have the snorkel on you can’t smell anything because it’s covering your nose. Although the whales are not in their natural habitat, it was an amazing experience and definitely a must do. Bring a flash drive if you are thinking of paying for a photographer, don’t apply sun cream before you get there as you will be told to wash it off! Also, wear a t shirt if you burn because you won’t have sun cream on.

Whale shark diving costs: 1500 pax and you can pay for an underwater photographer who takes pictures of you on their go pro. You then get a CD with the photos loaded onto them or they can upload them to your phone if you have an android.

Price breakdown:

Boat to Oslob (from Dumaguete) including terminal fee – 62 peso / 2 aud 

Tryke from Oslob port to whale shark watching area – 100 peso / 3 aud 

Diving with the Whale sharks – 1000 peso/ 30 aud 

Underwater photographer – 500 peso / 15 aud

Tryke from whale shark watching area to Oslon port- 100 peso / 3 aud 

Total : 1762 peso / 51 aud 


Sumilon Island


From Oslob you can get a boat to Sumilon Islands (15 minutes away from Oslob). 

We arranged our journey with Bluewater Sumilon resort, which is the only resort on the island. This is the more expensive option but it was definitely worth it to induldge as we had an amazing day! You pay 2000 peso per pax and you get a complimentary cordial drink (WIN), a quick boat ride to the island, you’re greeted by all of the resort staff, given a towel, snorkelling gear, life jackets and it includes an amazing buffet lunch overlooking the sea! There is also a badminton court, outside massages, a lagoon with cayaks, a free shuttle bus service to and from either side of the island, an infinity pool with 3 hot tubs and sun loungers. This is the expensive option but it is worth it as you could spend the whole day at Sumilon Island!
A cheaper alternative is to get a boat to the island but this is restricted as you cannot go on the resort so you are only allowed on the beach on one side of the island.

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