Apo Island

Get a boat to Apo Island to swim with turtles!
We got a boat from the Dumaguete port which takes about 20 minutes. The more people in the boat, the cheaper the boat ride so if you can find people to share the boat with then do!
When you’re at Apo Island, you can hire a tour guide who will swim you out to the turtles so you can dive freely with them.. but in actual fact you don’t need a tour guide at all. We would say, save your money and just assume that whenever you see a tour guide and people huddled in a circle in the water.. then it is a safe bet they are all looking at a massive sea turtle below them.
When we went (in March) the turtles were all swimming really close to shore, so we didn’t need to swim far out at all to find them. It was also jelly fish season, so the turtles were following the jelly fish because they eat them. Another tip is also BEWARE OF JELLYFISH. We got stung numerous times by baby jellyfish and it hurts! P.S. Don’t let anyone pee on you to relieve the pain – that’s a myth. Also there is also only 1 resort there as it is a tiny island so we recommend just going for the day trip, although the island is beautiful there is not much to do there.
Beth & Sam x

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