Boracay is a small island split into 3 stations

Station 1 is the quieter end with expensive resorts/restaurants.

Station 2 is the more tourist packed, ‘party’ station with clubs, cheaper restaurants and a lot more workers trying to sell you things

Station 3 is where you go to do most of the activities such as Watersports.

We stayed at Fairways and Bluewater Resort which is amazing! The resort includes a free shuttle service from the resort (Station 1) into the heart of Boracay (station 2 at D’mall). The resort had a private beach, Lapuz-Lapuz, 5 different pools (including an infinity pool) with swim up bars and music, a golf course, free buffet breakfast, a gym, a spa, two restaurants, activities such as horse riding, segway, ziplining, jet ski’s (albeit more expensive than on Station 2).

Fairways and Bluewater Resortboroc222




Friday’s Boracay



£££ Friday’s resort in Boracay holds cultural dances every Friday with a buffet dinner. This resort is quite expensive but it is definitely worth it.


I definitely recommend shopping around in Boracay for cheaper deals for water sports and activities because the workers will always try and overcharge you e.g. 6000 peso for 15 minutes parasailing. After haggling and shopping around we managed to get a ride for 1200 peso each (which is around 15 aud). You’ll find all the workers promoting around Station 2 and then as you walk towards Station 3 the prices will get cheaper and cheaper and you’ll find the actual tents set up on the beach where you sign up and pay.

Puka Beach


I don’t actually know why Puka beach is as fussed about as it is because the sand is mainly pebbles/stones and there are no restaurants on the beach, but it is definitely essential to get a picture of the Puka Beach sign!

Also, we didn’t have time to but I would definite recommend:

Mermaid School!

Helmet Diving

Ariel’s Point (for diving)

*** Luckily.. There is a mermaid school in Bali so I will fulfil my mermaid destiny there.


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